Wobbler Fishing Lure

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The HS014 Wobbler Fishing Lure is a versatile and effective fishing bait designed to attract a wide range of fish species. In this product description, we’ll explore the key features and specifications of this lure to help you understand its benefits for your fishing adventures.

Product Features:

  1. Classic Multi-Stage Design: The HS014 lure features a classic multi-stage design that mimics the appearance and movement of natural prey. This design is known for its effectiveness in attracting fish.

  2. Alice Mouth Design: The lure is equipped with an Alice mouth, a well-known design in fishing lures. The Alice mouth enhances the lure’s ability to create lifelike swimming actions in the water, making it highly attractive to fish.

  3. Variety of Colors: You have the option to choose from 12 different colors, allowing you to select the one that best matches the conditions and preferences of your fishing trip. Please note that color SKU information has been adjusted, so you can compare and choose the desired color using color letters.

  4. Length and Weight: The lure measures approximately 13.28cm in length and has a weight of 19g. These dimensions make it suitable for a variety of fishing situations, including lakes, rivers, reservoirs, streams, and more.

  5. Hook Size: The lure is equipped with a size 6# hook, which is suitable for catching a range of fish species.

  6. Center of Gravity Shifting Steel Ball: The lure features a center of gravity shifting steel ball inside its body. This ball can move to the tail of the lure when thrown, increasing the casting distance. It also helps stabilize the lure’s posture in the air, preventing unwanted spinning during casting.

Package Information:

  • Single Blister Weight: 12g (Dimensions: 186.51.8 cm)
  • Three Packs of Blister Weight: 15g (Dimensions: 17121.8 cm)
  • Five-Grid Bait Box (HJ014) Weight: 91g (Dimensions: 15.5142.5 cm)
    • Packing: 180 sets/box (Dimensions: 604445CM)
  • Three-Grid Bait Box Weight: 37g (Dimensions: 9142cm)
    • Packing: 200 sets/box (Dimensions: 474631CM)


The HS014 Wobbler Fishing Lure is a reliable and versatile choice for anglers looking to attract a variety of fish species. Its classic design, Alice mouth feature, and range of available colors make it an excellent addition to your fishing tackle. Whether you’re fishing in lakes, rivers, reservoirs, streams, or other water bodies, this lure is designed to help you improve your catch rate and make your fishing adventures more successful. Choose from the available colors and add this effective fishing bait to your gear for an enhanced fishing experience.