Telescopic Fishing Rod Ultralight Super Hard Carbon Fibre

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The JOSBY Telescopic Fishing Rod Ultralight Super Hard Carbon Fibre is a versatile fishing rod designed for freshwater angling in various environments, including streams, rivers, lakes, and reservoir ponds. This telescopic rod is known for its lightweight and portable design, making it an excellent choice for anglers on the move. Here’s a comprehensive product description, including what’s included:

Product Name: Telescopic Fishing Rod Ultralight Super Hard Carbon Fibre

Brand: JOSBY

Model Number: BKW

Product Specifications:

  • Action: FAST
  • Top Diameter: 1.1mm
  • Hardness: HARD
  • Material: Carbon
  • Category: Carp Fishing Rod
  • Position: Reservoir Pond, Stream, River, Lake
  • Main Material: Carbon Fiber
  • Available Lengths: 2.7m, 3.6m, 4.5m, 5.4m, 6.3m, 7.2m
  • Weight: Ranges from 65g to 290g
  • Best Fishing Weight: 0.1-2kg

Product Features:

  1. Ultra-Light and Portable: The JOSBY Telescopic Fishing Rod is crafted from high-quality carbon fiber, making it ultra-lightweight and easy to carry. When fully collapsed, it measures approximately 72cm, making it a convenient choice for transportation and storage during your fishing adventures.

  2. Advanced Coating: Available in two attractive color options – yellow and white – this fishing rod features an advanced coating that not only enhances its aesthetics but also provides extra protection against environmental factors.

  3. Woven Handle: The rod is equipped with a woven handle that offers a soft and comfortable grip, allowing you to hold it for extended periods without discomfort. This feature is especially beneficial during long fishing sessions.

  4. High-Quality Carbon Construction: The rod body is constructed from high-quality carbon cloth with a 45-degree cross-woven pattern. This enhances the rod’s curvature, providing increased strength and durability to prevent breakage.

  5. Anti-Lock Braking System: The JOSBY Telescopic Fishing Rod is designed with an anti-lock braking system, ensuring smooth and hassle-free operation during your fishing sessions.

Included in the Package:

  • 1 Telescopic Fishing Rod (Choose your preferred length during purchase)


  • This fishing rod is designed exclusively for fishing purposes and should not be used for any other activities.
  • The package includes one telescopic fishing rod. Additional accessories such as reels, fishing lines, and tackle are not included and must be purchased separately.

The JOSBY Telescopic Fishing Rod Ultralight Super Hard Carbon Fibre offers anglers a reliable and lightweight option for freshwater fishing, whether you’re targeting carp, snapper, tilapia, or other freshwater species. Its portability and durability make it an excellent choice for both beginners and experienced anglers who enjoy fishing in various settings.





Metal back plug


Stronger bend / stronger pull



The Telescopic Fishing Rod Ultralight Super Hard Carbon Fibre by JOSBY is designed to provide anglers with a versatile and lightweight fishing tool. Here’s how to use this telescopic fishing rod effectively:

1. Select the Right Length: The Telescopic Fishing Rod comes in various lengths, including 2.7m, 3.6m, 4.5m, 5.4m, 6.3m, and 7.2m. Choose the appropriate length based on your fishing location, target species, and personal preference. Longer rods generally allow for longer casting distances.

2. Check Your Reel: Ensure that you have a compatible fishing reel to attach to the rod. The reel should match the rod’s line weight and the type of fishing you intend to do.

3. Assemble the Rod: Extend the telescopic sections of the rod to your desired length. Be sure to secure each section properly to prevent accidental collapse during use. Start with the bottom section and extend each subsequent section until you reach the desired length.

4. Attach the Reel: Affix your fishing reel to the rod’s reel seat. Make sure it’s securely tightened to prevent any wobbling during casting and retrieval.

5. Choose the Right Fishing Line: Select an appropriate fishing line based on your target fish species and the fishing conditions. The recommended line weight for this rod is 0.1-2kg.

6. Attach Your Lure or Bait: Depending on your fishing style, attach the appropriate lure, bait, or terminal tackle to the end of your fishing line.

7. Cast Your Line: Use your preferred casting technique to cast your line into the water. The Telescopic Fishing Rod allows you to cover different areas of the water body effectively.

8. Wait for Bites: Once your line is in the water, be patient and wait for fish to bite. Pay attention to any movement or tension in the line, as this may indicate a fish has taken the bait.

9. Set the Hook: When you feel a bite or see a strong tug on the line, set the hook by quickly and firmly pulling the rod tip upward. This action should help hook the fish securely.

10. Reel in Your Catch: After hooking a fish, use the reel to start reeling it in. Keep the rod steady and maintain tension on the line to prevent the fish from escaping.

11. Land Your Fish: Carefully bring the fish to the shore or the boat, depending on your fishing location. Use a landing net or your hands to secure your catch.

12. Rinse and Maintain: After your fishing trip, rinse the rod with freshwater to remove any salt, sand, or debris. Ensure that all sections are clean and dry before collapsing and storing the telescopic rod. Store it in a protective rod case or sleeve to prevent damage during transport.

This Telescopic Fishing Rod is designed for portability and ease of use, making it suitable for various fishing environments, including streams, rivers, lakes, and reservoir ponds. Always adhere to local fishing regulations and best practices for responsible fishing.