Spinning Reel Max Drag 8KG for Fishing

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Spinning Reel Max Drag 8KG for Fishing – Ultimate Performance in a Compact Package

Fishing enthusiasts, brace yourselves for an upgrade in your fishing game! The Spinning Reel Max Drag 8KG is here to revolutionize your fishing experience. With its exceptional features and versatile models, this reel is your ticket to success on the water.

High Max Drag of 8KG – Secure Your Catch

One of the standout features of this reel is its high max drag of 8KG. Imagine the thrill of battling a powerful fish, knowing that your reel can handle the challenge. With this kind of stopping power, you can be confident that your prized catch won’t slip away. It’s time to aim for bigger and more exciting fish species.

Robust Metal Spool – Built to Last

Designed with durability in mind, this reel boasts a robust metal spool. This feature ensures that your reel can withstand the rigors of sea fishing, where exposure to saltwater and tough conditions is inevitable. Say goodbye to worries about your reel’s longevity, and focus on what truly matters – catching fish.

Variety of Models – Tailored to Your Needs

Versatility is the name of the game with the Spinning Reel Max Drag 8KG. It comes in various models, ranging from AC3000 to AC5000, each catering to different fishing needs. Whether you’re targeting smaller species or going after the big ones, there’s a model for you. Customize your setup to match your fishing style and preferences.

Pre-Loading Spinning Wheel – Efficiency at Its Best

Time is precious when you’re out on the water, and this reel understands that. Thanks to its pre-loading spinning wheel design, you can quickly and efficiently load your reel with line. Say goodbye to tedious and time-consuming processes. Enjoy the convenience and get back to fishing sooner.

5.2:1 Gear Ratio – Smooth Operation

The 5.2:1 gear ratio of this reel ensures optimal power transmission. This results in smooth operation and improved fishing performance. Whether you’re casting, reeling, or battling a fish, you’ll appreciate the seamless experience provided by this well-balanced gear ratio.

Ideal for Spinning Method – Superior Performance

Designed specifically for spinning method fishing, this reel offers superior performance and results. Its features are perfectly suited to the techniques and demands of spinning, making it an ideal choice for anglers who prefer this fishing style.



  • Line Capacity: 0.20-280/0.25-230/0.30-150mm/m
  • Net Weight: 291g
  • Max Drag: 5kg


  • Line Capacity: 0.30-300/0.40-240/0.45-190mm/m
  • Net Weight: 435g
  • Max Drag: 8kg

Instructions for Use:

When using this reel, regardless of the type of bait, it’s essential to determine the distance between the bait and the reel before casting. Generally, it’s recommended to maintain a distance of 10-15 cm, with a maximum of 20 cm.


Please allow for a measurement deviation of 1-2cm due to manual measurement. Additionally, variations in display and lighting may cause the actual product’s color to differ slightly from the images shown. Your understanding is greatly appreciated.

In summary, the Spinning Reel Max Drag 8KG for Fishing is your gateway to a more exciting and successful fishing experience. Its impressive features, including high drag power, robust construction, versatility, and user-friendly design, make it a must-have for anglers of all levels. Upgrade your gear and maximize your chances of landing the catch of a lifetime with this exceptional spinning reel.