Fishing Rod 2.1m UltraLight Carbon with EVA Handle Fishing Rod

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The Fishing Rod 2.1m UltraLight Carbon with EVA Handle is a versatile and portable fishing rod designed for a variety of fishing situations. Here are the details and features of this fishing rod:

Product Specifications:

  • Joint Number: 4
  • Action: FAST
  • Top Diameter: 1
  • Hardness: HARD
  • Material: Carbon
  • Category: Lure Rod
  • Position: Suitable for fishing in various environments, including LAKE, River, Reservoir Pond, stream, and Management Field.
  • Style: Available as both a Spinning rod and a Casting Rod
  • Material: Carbon
  • Length: 2.1 meters
  • Line Weight: 2-6lb
  • Bait Weight: 0.8-5g

Product Features:

  1. Adjustable Length: This fishing rod features an adjustable length, making it ideal for situations where full-size fishing gear is impractical. It offers the convenience of a portable and versatile fishing solution.

  2. Portability: The rod is designed with a portable closed length, allowing for easy transportation and storage. It’s perfect for anglers on the go who need a compact and lightweight fishing option.

  3. Reel Seat: The rod features a lightweight reel seat with high-strength SiC ceramic guides. These guides are not only durable but also enhance your fishing experience.

  4. EVA Handle: The comfortable EVA handle provides a secure and ergonomic grip, ensuring a pleasant fishing experience even during extended fishing sessions.

  5. Durable Reel Seat: The rod is equipped with a high-strength and durable reel seat that offers both strength and a non-slip surface.

  6. Ideal Gift: This fishing rod makes an excellent gift for fishing enthusiasts or collectors due to its quality and versatility.

Product Details:

  • Tonality: Fast tune (F)
  • Style: Available as both a Spinning rod and a Casting Rod
  • Length: 2.1 meters
  • Line Weight: 2-6lb
  • Bait Weight: 0.8-5g

Package Contents:

The package includes 1 x Fishing Rod.

Whether you prefer spinning or casting, the Fishing Rod 2.1m UltraLight Carbon with EVA Handle provides the flexibility and portability you need for your fishing adventures. Its adjustable length, lightweight design, and durable construction make it a great choice for various fishing environments. It’s an excellent addition to any angler’s collection and a practical gift for fishing enthusiasts.

Using the Fishing Rod 2.1m UltraLight Carbon with EVA Handle

Fishing is a beloved pastime for many, offering a chance to relax, connect with nature, and challenge one’s angling skills. Choosing the right fishing gear is crucial for an enjoyable and successful fishing experience, and the Fishing Rod 2.1m UltraLight Carbon with EVA Handle is a versatile and practical option for both beginners and experienced anglers. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explore how to use this fishing rod effectively, providing tips and insights for various fishing scenarios.

Understanding Your Fishing Rod:

Before we dive into how to use the Fishing Rod, let’s start by understanding its key features and components.

  • Joint Number: This rod consists of four sections that can be easily assembled. The multiple sections make it compact and portable for travel or storage.

  • Action: The rod has a fast action, denoted as “FAST.” Fast action rods are known for their sensitivity and quick response, making them suitable for various fishing techniques.

  • Material: It’s made from high-quality carbon fibre, ensuring strength and durability while remaining lightweight.

  • Style: This rod is available in two styles – Spinning rod and Casting Rod. Choose the style that aligns with your preferred fishing technique and reel type.

  • Length: The rod’s length is 2.1 meters, providing a balance between versatility and casting distance.

  • Line Weight: It is suitable for line weights ranging from 2-6lb, making it compatible with various fishing lines.

  • Bait Weight: This rod can handle bait weights from 0.8-5g, accommodating a wide range of lures and baits.

Now that we’re familiar with the rod’s specifications, let’s explore how to use it effectively in different fishing situations:

1. Setting Up Your Fishing Rod:

Assemble the rod by connecting its four sections securely. Ensure that each section is firmly attached, and double-check for any loose connections. The portable closed length design makes it easy to carry your rod when fully assembled.

2. Selecting Your Reel:

Choose a reel that complements your fishing rod. Since this rod is available in both spinning and casting styles, ensure you select the appropriate reel type. Make sure the reel is compatible with your line weight and bait weight preferences.

3. Preparing Your Fishing Line:

Select the fishing line that suits your target species and fishing conditions. The Fishing Rod is versatile enough to accommodate different line types, so choose wisely based on your specific requirements.

4. Adding Lures or Bait:

Depending on your target fish species, you can attach various lures or baits to your line. Make sure the bait weight falls within the recommended range for your rod.

5. Casting Techniques:

  • Spinning Rod Style: If you’re using the spinning rod style, use the appropriate casting technique. Open the bail (the wire loop that holds the line) to release the line. Hold the rod with your dominant hand and use your other hand to hold the line. Swing the rod backward and then forward, releasing the line at the desired point in your casting motion. Practice your casting to achieve accurate and controlled casts.

  • Casting Rod Style: If you’ve chosen the casting rod style, you’ll typically use a baitcasting reel. This requires a slightly different casting technique. Press the reel’s thumb button (or engage the spool) to release the line. Hold the rod with your dominant hand and place your thumb lightly on the spool to control the line release. As you swing the rod forward, release your thumb from the spool to allow the line to unravel. Mastering the timing and control of your thumb is essential for accurate casting with a baitcasting reel.

6. Setting the Hook:

Once you’ve cast your line and feel a bite or see a strike, it’s time to set the hook. With a quick and firm movement of your rod, jerk it upward to embed the hook securely into the fish’s mouth. Remember to reel in the line while setting the hook to maintain tension.

7. Fighting the Fish:

When you’ve successfully hooked a fish, it’s essential to fight and land it effectively. Keep a steady but controlled tension on the line, allowing the fish to tire itself out while preventing it from escaping. Use the rod’s sensitivity and flexibility to your advantage when manoeuvring the fish.

8. Landing the Fish:

Once the fish is exhausted, carefully bring it closer to shore or your boat. Use a landing net or a proper landing technique to secure the fish without damaging your line or rod.

9. Maintenance and Care:

After your fishing trip, it’s crucial to clean and maintain your fishing rod. Rinse it with freshwater to remove any salt or debris, and wipe it down to prevent corrosion. Ensure all sections are dry before storing it in its portable closed length design.

10. Explore Different Fishing Environments:

The Fishing Rod is suitable for various fishing environments, including lakes, rivers, reservoir ponds, streams, and management fields. Take advantage of its versatility to explore different fishing locations and target various fish species.


The Fishing Rod 2.1m UltraLight Carbon with EVA Handle is a valuable addition to any angler’s gear collection. Its lightweight and portable design, combined with its versatile specifications, make it suitable for a wide range of fishing scenarios. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced angler, mastering the use of this fishing rod will enhance your fishing adventures and increase your chances of a successful catch. So, grab your rod, select your bait, and head out to your favorite fishing spot to enjoy the art of angling with confidence and excitement.