130CM Aluminium Alloy Fishing Net Telescopic Foldable

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270 in stock

270 in stock

The “130CM Aluminium Alloy Fishing Net Telescopic Foldable” is a versatile fishing net designed for safely catching and releasing fish. Here’s how to use it:

  1. Choose the Right Model: Ensure that you have the correct model of the fishing net. There are two options available, one extending from 23.6 inches to 74.8 inches in overall length, and another extending from 16.5 inches to 51 inches. Choose the one that suits your needs.

  2. Prepare for Fishing: Before using the fishing net, make sure your fishing line and hook are ready. This net is designed for catching and releasing fish in a safe and fish-friendly manner.

  3. Extend the Handle: If you have the telescopic model, extend the handle to the desired length. This extra reach will help you safely land fish, especially if you are fishing from a higher platform or need to reach into the water.

  4. Position Yourself: Position yourself near the water’s edge or wherever you plan to fish. Be ready to use the net when you catch a fish.

  5. Catch the Fish: When you have a fish on the line and it’s time to land it, gently guide the fish toward the net. Use a smooth and controlled motion to scoop the fish into the net.

  6. Support the Fish: After capturing the fish in the net, keep it in the water or just above the water’s surface to minimize stress on the fish.

  7. Unhook and Release: If needed, unhook the fish or take measurements, all while keeping the fish in the water. Handle the fish with care and release it back into the water gently.

  8. Collapsing and Storage: After using the net, collapse or retract the handle to its compact form for easy storage and transportation.

  9. Maintenance: Periodically inspect the net for any signs of damage or wear. Clean it if necessary, and make any repairs to ensure its continued functionality.

The “130CM Aluminium Alloy Fishing Net Telescopic Foldable” is designed with a durable nylon mesh that is safe for fish scales, making it suitable for various types of fishing, including sea fishing, river fishing, lake fishing, and boat fishing. It’s a useful tool for both catching and releasing fish, minimizing harm to the fish during the process.